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Rapunzel by Sa-RAWR
by Sa-RAWR

Well, I certainly don't plan on sleeping tonight! This is beautifully done and the concept is one I have never thought of before as Rap...


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
    Twelve minutes before midnight on the last night of Pōsṭa Nabhēmbara, a dark brown horse stopped in front of a small house build of wood, nails, and the remnants of a magic that had been outlawed seventy-three years earlier by the first Sarbōcca of the United People’s Republic of Jiala. The rider, a young girl dressed in a crisp, dark blue military uniform, jumped off and rushed up to the door, unlocking it and stepping inside.
    “It’s over,” a girl who couldn’t have been over fifteen said softly, standing up and looking down at the bundle of ratty blankets in her arms. “Would you like to meet him?”
    “I-it’s- you mean, K-Korea,” Vietnam whispered, stepping over and moving one of the blankets back. The newborn in Korea’s arms yawned softly, stretching a little before nuzzling close to his mother and falling asleep. “I came here as quickly as I could, I’m so sorry!”
    “It’s alright,” Korea said, rocking the child. “W-we need to go, don’t we?” she realized, looking up at Vietnam, her eyes wide. Vietnam nodded.
    “Before they notice I’ve gone,” she said softly, gathering supplies together. She stuffed a bag full of diapers, bottles, food rations, and the refugee papers she’d managed to acquire over the past few months. “You need to go north, okay?” she said, passing Korea a map and looking her in the eye. “Go north, get to the border. Kalendrian border patrols come by every few hours, we don’t send many so you’ll be able to find one before ours come. Turn yourself in, show them your papers, they’ll help you.”
    “Y-you’re not coming with me?” Korea whispered, clutching the baby close as she picked up the bag of supplies, slinging it over her shoulder. Vietnam shook her head, pulling a couple of bags of blood from her bag before smashing a lamp to the ground, backing up as glass shattered everywhere. The sisters were now engulfed in near-complete darkness save for the light coming from the moon. 
    We need to make her look dead, make this look like an accident, she thought. “N-no, I can’t,” she said, dumping blood on the ground before leaving bloody handprints on the wall and footsteps leading out of the door and into the backyard. “I need to go back, work on forging your death certificate.”
    “B-but I—“ Korea protested before Vietnam grabbed her shoulders, shaking her head.
    “You need to go, okay?” she whispered. “I’ll be behind you, I—“
    “Mējhē pētē!” a voice screamed as the door slammed open, soldiers wearing the same uniform as Vietnam rushing into the house. 
    “Run!” Vietnam screamed, grabbing a wooden chair and bashing it over one of the soldier’s heads as Korea raced out of the back door and into the snow, her baby clutched to her chest.  One of the soldiers collapsed to the ground, blood coming from a wound in the back of his head as two more ran out the door behind Korea. “Ru—“ Vietnam began again, but her word cut off as another soldier slammed the butt of his rifle against her head. Her vision went dark as she fell to the floor, her blood mingling with the blood she’d poured out earlier as she went unconscious. 
    Back outside, there was a loud shriek, followed by a set of muffled pleas. A gunshot. Silence.
    Twelve days later and 3,957 miles north, a trio of young girls dressed in the vibrant, jewel-colored clothes typical of the Kalendrian dashed around, giggling happily as they tossed stuffed dragons through the air, each trying to be the first one to capture the princess on top of a couch. “I got it!” Canada yelled as the doorbell rang and hopped over to the wall, pushing a button and watching as a panel slid away to revel a screen with an image of their front step. “Awww, it’s a baby!” she giggled, pointing to the small child wrapped in blankets in an abnormally large basket on the doorstep. “I’m gonna go say hiiii!” she sang, running off to open the door.
    “Not if I get there first!” America laughed, jumping off the couch and transforming into a small, deep red dragon. She did a flip in the air before flying off towards the door, Canada running underneath her. Mexico, the oldest out of the three, sighed softly, picking up the stuffed dragons from where they’d been abandoned on the ground and setting them neatly on a couch before running off as well, quickly catching up to the other girls and pulling the door open.
    “Chenmiwaaaay,” she cooed softly, bending down next to the basket. The baby giggled, wiggling around in his basket and trying to grab Mexico’s nose.  “Such a wiggly little baby!” Mexico giggled, letting him grab her finger. “Where is your mommy, humm?” she asked as America landed next to the basket, transforming back into a little girl.
    “Can we keep him?” Canada asked, not noticing the wires poking out from the woven basket. “Let’s take him inside, we can introduce him to the dragons!” she said, grabbing the handle of the basket. The world seemed to freeze for half a second as a small click sounded. A moment later, a fireball erupted from under the baby as the basket exploded, sending shrapnel and body parts flying. 
There'a a bit of violence but not too much but I want to be safe...

Anyways, this is the prologue to the AU that I'm working on! I- I'll figure out a good summary... s-soon.
AU America by Tazzilynumeral
AU America
This... This took me a very long time. This is Meri from the AU that I'm currently writing and long story short she turns into a half cybernetic dragon and will probably eat someone during the course of this adventure...
Ruffle Death by Tazzilynumeral
Ruffle Death
I am so sorry for the smartphone shadow I have hit a new low I know...
Alas, No Fireworks by Tazzilynumeral
Alas, No Fireworks
I am sorry for the lack of fireworks in this pictureee! Here is more of Elodie, which is Myna's and I am not stealing her I promise, but this time without the dangers that come with having to draw her from the front! Like... having to draw a mouth... Mouths are hard.
I just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and Tazzying but I'll probably be on pretty sporadically because life right now is stressful and I have a new record of panic attatcks per week I'll tell you all what's going on after I finish my position paper (if you know anything about Nigeria's position on the education of Syrian refugees tell me please. I mean really. PLEASE)


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Ello! I'm Tazzy, also called Tazz or Tazzilynumeral. It's a long story... Er, I should write more here... One day!

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